Join Jong TNO

Basically, anyone working at TNO or one of the TNO companies is welcome to join Jong TNO. All the Jong TNO members are invited to join the activities, including those of ICA and YEAR. So do you want to become a Jong TNO member? Join us by clicking here!

Jong TNO acknowledges three types of members: accredited members, associate members and honorary members.


Accredited Membership

Are you a TNO employee under the age of 36? Then you can become an accredited member of Jong TNO! The membership dues are only € 1.00 per month, this fee is automatically deducted from your salary. Your accredited membership ends automatically when you leave TNO or when you turn 36, and you could also terminate your Jong TNO membership by sending an e-mail request to TNO’s HR services. But before you start worrying about leaving Jong TNO, you should obviously first join us! Once you have signed up online, you will receive an email in which you are asked to confirm your request with HR, allowing them to withdraw the monthly membership fee of € 1.00 from your salary.

A special category of accredited members are the TNO interns! These boys and girls are automatically signed up for Jong TNO by HR. Their membership dues of € 1.00 are kindly covered by TNO.


Associate Membership

So what If you are hired in from third parties (‘inhuur’)? Or what if you are an employee of TNO Companies, or you are a PhD candidate, or you are a regular TNO employee that becomes 36? Then you can still join Jong TNO as an associate member. The membership dues are € 12.00 per year, a sum which you will have to transfer to Jong TNO’s bank account yourself.  The largest difference with an accredited membership is that your associate membership does not give your voting rights during the general meetings, and that you have to renew your membership each year by paying the annual fee of € 12.00. There are worse things in life, so join Jong TNO by clicking here. Once you have signed up as an associate member, you will receive a confirmation email asking you to manually transfer the membership dues.


Honorary Membership

This title is so special that it has never been bestowed upon someone… yet! So join us, make an exceptionally outstanding contribution to Jong TNO and who knows: maybe you will become the first person ever to receive the title of Honorary Member of Jong TNO.