UYM: Meet the Principals

Published 3 years ago by Joachim Koot.

For Meet the Principals, a JongTNO-event of the Unwind Your Mind committee, we explored what it means to be a Principal and how you can become one. For this purpose, a Principal of each of the five main development lines was invited to introduce their main activities and discuss questions from the audience. They were clearly enjoying the dialogue with the approximately 30 attendees, in which subjects such as the unique strategic role of the Principal line, the responsibilities of each development line and the scarcity of female Principals, were discussed. As we ended the plenary part of the session, the discussion continued on a high note with drinks and pizza! 

The following Principals attended the event: 

  • Frank van Vliet, Principal Scientist 

  • Annelies Huygen, Principal Consultant 

  • Jan Brouwer, Principal Project Leader  

  • Rene Peters, Principal Business Developer 

  • Richard Versluis, Principal System Engineer 

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