ICA - Achieving your goals through intercultural awareness | Online | Wed 07 Jun at 12:00

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ICA - Achieving your goals through intercultural awareness | Online


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Fun filled educational event you don’t want to miss!

You asked a colleague to provide you  with some crucial information for your work. The person promised to deliver the input within two weeks. Almost at the end of the second week you discover that your colleague has not spent a moment in searching the information, let alone delivering it to you. This is not the first time this colleague has done this.

What do you feel?

Anger? Distrust? Frustration? Something else?

Join this fun filled event and discover how you can achieve your goals through intercultural awareness.

Your discovery:

In this fun filled interactive session you will discover:

  • What intercultural awareness is.
  • How this impacts interaction & communication
  • How can you put this into practice to achieve what you want during interactions.

What you need to have with you: mobile, paper and pen

About the trainer

Kirtika van Hunen is a Certified intercultural trainer (Interchange institute Washington DC), inspiring coach, lecturer, author and founder of Between2Cultures. She has 40 years of professional experience in living and working with diversity in the East and in the West.

She has been featured in the national Dutch radio  NPO1 and De Brabants dagblad

Through her trainings she helps leaders, managers and multinational teams, master competence that will enable them to connect, communicate, build trust and navigate culture while working and doing business with confidence.

She has been living and working in the Netherlands for over 28 years. And has worked for 17 years as a policy officer for the Dutch government. In 2018, she was asked by Fontys university to be a lecturer on Dutch culture & language for international exchange students. A job she still enjoys doing till present.

Her 1st book, ‘Dutch-ess from the Himalayas’  which did catch the eye of the local newspaper and the National Dutch radio (NPO1) also interviewed her. Is written to inspire people living and working between cultures. Her second book (Dutch), ‘Wanneer culturen elkaar ontmoeten’ is a result of 25 years of research, and provides her readers with the key to working successfully with other cultures. The English version this book will be published in 2023.

She is an ardent reader of non-fiction books, loves to sport and squash in her free time.

For more information about Kirtika’s trainings, books, blogs and testimonials visit: https://www.between2c.nl/

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