JTNO Outdoor Bouldering Weekend | Fri 09 Jun at 14:00

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JTNO Outdoor Bouldering Weekend

Attention monkeyfolk and mountain goats! 🐒🐐

This is it: An awesome weekend of bouldering & camping, from the 9th to the 11th of June.

Note bene:

  • We can unfortunately only take along a limited number of people in this trip, so please only sign up if you are sure you can & want to go, also no matter the weather. :)
    • If this event turns out a great success, I am sure more opportunities will follow.
  • We have a form for you to fill out, linked in the e-mail you will receive upon registering, please fill it out so we can make a good match of experience!
  • Outdoor climbing is significantly different from indoor climbing and quite a bit harder. It is fine if you've never climbed outdoors yet (many of us haven't), but we do require at least indoor bouldering experience and confidence in your own capabilities and even more importantly in your own limits. We will not be able to guarantee your personal safety, this event is at your own risk.

Location & Time:

We have decided to go to Avalonia, Germany, which is approximately a 3 hour drive or 4 hour train ride away. Because of the location, the intention is to be able to group up and go to the crag sometime on Friday. If we arrive somewhere in the early afternoon, we can get some short, easy climbing in on the first day to get our bearings. We then have a full Saturday for climbing shenanigans and can say our farewells to the rocks on Sunday without haste.


The cost of this trip are limited, mainly travel cost, camping fees and food. We budgetted this out to €85, but it could turn out to change a bit after the event. We will reimburse fuel cost when travelling together with others (included in these fees).


Things you will need to bring:

  • Climbing shoes: If you don't have your own, you can see if you could rent them for a weekend or lend them from a friend.
  • Camping gear: Tent (or share a tent with someone else on the trip 😏), sleeping bag, mattress, etc.
  • Other items: brushes, chalk and some pieces of carpet / sturdy rag to wipe your climbing shoes clean before every ascent is needed. Bring it if you have it.
  • Of course personal items (clothing, toiletry, games, etc)

Other stuff we'll arrange:

  • Crash pads: We will rent them, but if you have any crash pads be sure to let us know!

If you don’t have some of the required things (like shoes or a tent), we will set up a chatgroup with everyone going to figure that stuff out. Especially tents, some people might have a spare to lend”.

Still interested and you are available that weekend? Climb back to the top of the page and top out that register button! 🧗‍♀️

If you have any questions regarding the event please contact the organizers.

  Fri 09 Jun 14:00 - Sun 11 Jun 18:00
  Fri 26 May 12:00

 Avalonia, Germany