Young TNO Study Trip

A delegation of twenty young professionals from the renowned Dutch applied science and technology organization TNO will visit Singapore from April 17th until the 21st. The goal of this trip is to share ideas, to explore joint challenges of Singapore and the Netherlands and to establish new partnerships.

The delegation will be happy to get into contact with companies, universities and governmental institutes on a wide range of subjects, amongst others: Autonomous driving, smart logistics, cyber security, ICT and intelligent surveillance. Below are the profiles of the delegation participations and please contact us if you wish to meet any of our experts at:

Paul Booij
Tel: +65 8265 7784


The full program will be published here soon.

Please click here for the TNO symposium on Tuesday 18 April.

About TNO Singapore

TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being of society. TNO is an independent not-for-profit research organisation that accelerates new technologies into applied products.

In 2013 TNO opened its Singapore office as a regional hub in South East Asia. TNO Singapore is collaborating with local parties to strengthen and broaden our impact in Singapore and the ASEAN countries, with a focus on Cyber Security, Smart Cities and Smart Mobility.

TNO strives to help governments, agencies, industries and SMEs in Singapore and the ASEAN region to solve complex challenges by:

    • Establishing R&D centres of excellences and living labs
    • Formation of public and private partnerships with local partners
    • Strengthening the bonds at governance level between Singapore and the Netherlands



With a background in both Industrial Design Engineering and Materials Science (Delft University of Technology), Marloes van Put is able to combine fundamental materials science with strategic product development. Within project teams, she often fulfills the role of system engineer or technical project coordinator. Her strength is to combine the ideas of different scientists and engineers into one overall product. Challenges are solved in a creative but practical manner. Marloes’ main areas of expertise are the integration of solar energy (photovoltaic) in the built environment and corrosion of steel in concrete. Recent product innovations: solar-integrated road elements (SolaRoad), curved roof panels with integrated flexible thin film solar modules, automatic corrosion detection system for reinforced concrete, accelerated corrosion test for concrete in chloride environments.

Marloes van Put

Pascal Wissink is an econometrician and applied mathematician specialised in modelling and quantitative analyses. He is combining his jobs as a Research Scientist at TNO and PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh in order to maximise his key strengths as a modeller and implementer of optimisation processes, both theoretical and practical in nature. Pascal holds a master’s degree in Econometrics and Management Science (Quantitative Finance) from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. At TNO his main interests lie in the fields of Energy and Urbanisation. He has previously been involved in a wide range of different projects related to the circular economy, inland waterway transport, and networked information. Prior to joining TNO Pascal worked as a full-time doctoral researcher in the UK, focusing on solution methods for stochastic problems in logistics and transportation. In his spare time, Pascal enjoys sailing and arthouse cinema. He is fluent in Dutch and English.

Pascal Wissink

Jan Verhaegh has been a research scientist with TNO in the department of Integrated Vehicle Safety since 2015. He graduated from Eindhoven University of Technology with a MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Control Systems Technology. Research interests cover vehicle dynamics and (wireless) control topics related to automated and cooperative driving technologies. Current projects include design of Robust and Fail-Safe Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control in truck platooning and the development, and implementation of Active Lane Keep Assist for high-way automation. In his work, he likes to integrate academic and pragmatic ideas to solve complex and challenging problems. Ultimately, implementation and experimental validation proofs whether a proposed concept is successful or not. In his spare time, he does cycling and running and likes hiking in the outdoor.

Jan Verhaegh

Loek Nijsten joined TNO as a trainee in September 2015. With a cum lade master in Nanotechnology from the University of Twente, the choice for the department Nano Instrumentation was an obvious one. Working on data analysis and producing algorithms continued after 8 months at the Intelligent Imaging department and since January of this year at the Integrated Vehicle Safety department. Loek loves to work on applied research with tangible or at least easy to understand end products, but can do this in a wide range of topics: from medical applications to city safety and from nano particles to autonomous vehicles. Besides technology he enjoys playing tennis and the drums and a dream he soon likes to fulfill is driving a Tesla!

Loek Nijsten

Meike Hopman works in the department Sustainable Transport and Logistics as a research consultant. She has a background in mathematics and computing science, with a specialization in operations research. In projects she focusses on city logistics. An example is the development of an online tool that enables sharing real-time data between different stakeholders in one logistics chain. The goal of this tool is to increase both the efficiency and the safety in the Port of Amsterdam. What she likes most about her job is the combination between customer contact and practical problems on the one hand, and programming and modelling on the other hand. Besides mathematics and city logistics, she likes playing soccer and she is a real fan of Escape Rooms: both breaking out of them and developing them herself.

Meike Hopman

Sander Dragt has been a research engineer with TNO since 2013. He graduated from Delft University of Technology with an MSc degree in Offshore and Dredging Engineering, specializing in Arctic Engineering. Research interests cover material behavior and structural dynamics under various extreme conditions, mostly focused on the Maritime, Offshore and Civil sector. Current projects include fatigue in offshore wind turbines and the development, testing and implementation of structural composite-to-steel connections in the Maritime and Civil sector. In his projects, he creates a strong connection between theoretical and experimental research. “It is not enough to develop the models, we also need to put them to the test.” Outside of work, he plays competitive Floorball and enjoys organizing events to connect young researchers.

Sander Dragt

Thijmen Verburgh has been part of TNO since 2016 as a cybercrime researcher. He graduated from Utrecht University and The Vrije University Amsterdam with an MSc degree in clinical psychology and a MSc degree in criminology. Before joining TNO he has worked as an intern in several Prisons as a therapist in training. His research mostly focusses on Cybercrime and Cyber related Financial Economical Crime. His current focus is Dark Web and Virtual Currencies such as Bitcoin. In his projects, he integrates the human aspects into cyber. ‘Technical solutions are often not the only possible solution’. In his free time, he likes to boulder, dance salsa and practice krav maga.

Thijmen Verburgh

Tom Constandse started as a trainee within TNO in 2014 and after two years he continued working within TNO as a program manager bionanotechnology. He graduated from the University of Amsterdam and the Free University (VU) with a MSc in Systems biology and Bioinformatics. During his traineeship, he started as a scientist in systems biology and via a business development spot ended in setting up a new program concerning bionanotechnology. With his biochemical background and based in the nanotechnology cluster he connects the life sciences and nanotechnology worlds to create new applications. Currently he is the project leader of several bionanotechnology-projects which are in line with the bionanotechnology program. In his spare time, he plays in a field-hockey and a futsal team and likes to travel.

Tom Constandse

Dr. Martine van Egmond is a scientist innovator at the TNO expertise group Work, Health & Technology. Martine is a health scientist and epidemiologist, who specialises in projects regarding healthy living and working, including occupational safety. Together with her team, she develops innovative solutions for national and international challenges with regard to ageing, changing patterns of health behaviours and work participation. Martine is particularly interested in the application of technology within the social domain, for instance, ‘How can we apply TNO knowledge on health and occupational safety to technological innovations’, and vice versa, ‘How can new types of technology, e.g., (sensor-)technology, be used in the analysis and prediction of societal and health trends?’ Martine has a PhD in Medicine and has extensive knowledge of both quantative and qualitative research methods, which she applies on a day-to-day basis on the job at TNO. In her private time, Martine is involved in cancer survivorship research (writing papers, speaking at symposia, training physicians), and she does volunteer work. Also, she likes to run and hike through forests, and she’s planning her wedding for summer 2017.

Dr. Martine van Egmond

Marta Antosik has been working as a junior researcher at TNO since September 2016. She graduated from Warsaw University of Technology with a MSc degree in Telecommunications. She took part in many internships including Summer Research Internship organized by Nanyang Technological University in 2012. For 4 years, she had been working at CERN in Switzerland as a network engineer ensuring the connectivity for the systems of Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Her current projects are focused on Software Defined Networking (including in-vehicle, vehicle-to-vehicle communication and automatically configured on-demand network resources). In her free time, she loves trying new sports and cuisines while her great passion is travelling.

Marta Antosik

Natasja Sluijk has been a research scientist at TNO since August 2016. She graduated from Erasmus University Rotterdam with a BSc degree in International Econometrics and Operations Research, specializing in Operations Research. Her research interests cover vehicle routing problems, complex algorithms for route planning, and simulations of agent behaviour. Her current activities include programming algorithms that predict the Truck Turnaround Time in the Port of Rotterdam and constructing a model that will predict the dwell time of barges in the port of Rotterdam. She is of added value to these projects since she has fair knowledge of econometric algorithms and models. In her free time, she likes to travel, play boardgames, and puzzle.

Natasja Sluik

Serena Oggero works as an innovation consultant in the fields of National Security and Defense. She holds a PhD in particle physics from the VU University of Amsterdam, for her data-analysis work at the CERN laboratory. Since 2013 Serena works at TNO on (big) data analytics innovations for Intelligence & Security. Her main role is to link TNO knowledge in the field of computer vision and machine learning with problems in the society. She gets to the core of the challenge at the stakeholder side and sketches a path for research and innovation to get there. Serena’s driving question is: how to make data innovations “actionable” for their future users? Current projects relate to the realization of big data tools for European law enforcement agencies, the research on uncertainty and reliability in big data analyses, and the experimentation of automatization techniques to support image intel analysts within the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance cycle. Outside work, she sings in a pop jazz choir and she likes to draw and play with visual thinking techniques.

Serena Oggero

Robbert Janssen (1985) is a business consultant with TNO since 2010. He works on the intersection of Smart Logistics, Automated Driving and Smart Mobility. His main focus is on setting up large public-private programs to allow truck platooning to be tested and deployed in the logistics industry in Europe . Also, he aims to develop projects integrating smart mobility solutions in the logistics domain, improving supply chain efficiency and sustainability. Robbert brings a lot of knowledge and industry insight to the table, coupled with a healthy dose of enthusiasm. Prior to joining TNO, Robbert gained extensive industry experience working in the food processing and metal forming industries. Robbert received his MSc degree in Logistics and Operations Management from Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Next to his work as consultant, Robbert loves to make music with his covers bands and playing the odd game of tennis. He lives with his girlfriend and two sons.

Robbert Janssen

Sander de Kievit is a security researcher at TNO. In his work, Sander focusses on making research applicable for industry. Since he joined TNO Sander has worked on security issues in a wide range of topics, such as public warning systems, machine type communication, V2X networks, mobile networks, etc. Presently, his work evolves around two topics, namely detection of advanced persistent threats and security of 5G mobile networks. For the latter topic Sander participates in 3GPP SA3 working group and has attended ETSI ITS WG5 in the past. Sander is the (co)author of 15 patent applications and has written approximately 50 standardization contributions for 3GPP SA3 over the last two years.

Sander de Kievit

Roman Latsuzbaia holds a position of a Scientist at TNO since 2015. He graduated from Delft University of Technology with an PhD degree in Chemical Engineering with a thesis on Catalysis in Hydrogen Fuel Cells. Prior to Delft, Roman graduated from the University of Manchester with MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering with a thesis on Methanol Fuel Cells. His main interests are in the field of Electrochemical Engineering, Physical chemistry, Colloid and Interface Chemistry, chemical and electrochemical process development. Current projects include development of electrochemical production processes of fine chemicals based on biobased materials: from fundamental studies, experimental proof of concepts till design and build up of pilot demonstrations. Outside of work, Roman enjoys judo, running and climbing, as well as teaching history to kids at a local Georgian Embassy.

Roman Latsuzbaia

Claire Chang holds a position as licensing associate with TNO’s IP & Contracting department. She has more than 9 years of experience in IP licensing and so far worked in three different countries – Taiwan, Singapore and the Netherlands. She has extensive international exposure and has been dealing with clients from many different regions (Asia, Oceania, Europe, U.S. and South Africa). Her passion is to help scientists to bring their innovations to the market and by doing so, help to improve society as a whole. At TNO, she is responsible for all licensing cases in the Urbanization theme.

Claire Chang

Layla Lebesque is a consultant and project manager focusing on multimodal hinterland transport, synchromodality and port processes. Her expertise lies in (simulation) modelling and serious gaming for logistics, e.g. SynchroMania (link). She is the project Manager of the SynchroGaming project with both public and private partners which focusses on using serious gaming as a measure to help innovations in the logistics sector fly together. Furthermore, she is involved in projects to develop models for optimizing the logistic processes in ports. The past few years, she has also been working on several logistic projects about policy studies, impact assessments and feasibility studies for both public as well as private customers. Layla received her MSc degree in Econometrics and Operations Research from Maastricht University, the Netherlands in 2011.

Layla Lebesque

My name is Simon Gunkel and I am a scientist and innovator at TNO since May 2016. In the past I received my Master of Science in 2012 both from the Technical University Berlin in Germany and KAIST in Daejeon, Republic of Korea. Before I came to TNO I worked at CWI in Amsterdam for 4 years, researching on systems for mediated face-to-face communication and particularly optimization strategies that balance the limitations of the user, system and network. My ongoing research efforts cover a wide range of topics in multimedia such as Virtual Reality, multimedia communication, video conferencing, and Quality of Experience. Now, being part of the Networks department, my focus is still very aligned to these topics concentrating mostly on Virtual Reality and Software Defined Networks.

Simon Gunkel

Erwin Middelesch is a researcher in the area of Cyber Security. He graduated from the University of Twente with a MSc degree in computer science, specialized in information security. His work focuses mainly on inventing, designing, and implementing novel detection techniques to combat cyber-attacks for various clients. We collaborate with major financial institutions to ensure they are not only prepared for the threats facing them now, but those facing them in five years as well. Other research interests are: Defensive and offensive cyber security techniques, prototyping, data analysis, cryptography, and security of mobile technology. In his spare time he likes to travel and to play squash.

Erwin Middelesch

Frank Evers has been a research scientist with TNO since 2015. He graduated form Eindhoven University of technology with a MSc degree in System and Control engineering. Research interest cover environmental perception i.e. making a computer understand its surrounding and robotics. He is currently involved in project related to road vehicle automation, such as truck platooning and highway automation for passenger vehicles. In these projects his activities span from environmental perception algorithm development to system integration. In his private time he likes to maintain and fly glider.

Frank Evers