Expanding your network

The Networking Committee (NC) organises one or two activities each month. These networking events are aimed at connecting Jong TNO  members with members of other Young Organisations in the Netherlands. The goals of the Networking Committee are to:

  • Ensure the continuity of the Jong TNO external netwerk
  • Help organise events with external organizations such as ICA, YEAR,  and Young The Hague
  • Aid in the organisation of international trips
  • Co-organize events with (the Young Organisations of ) other companies

The diversity of events which are organised by the NC is large. Company visits, networking events and international trips are just some of the activities the NC works on. The NC holds a meeting once a month, chaired by the Network Commissioner from  the board. The NC currently counts 6 members and is always looking for new people to join! Find out more about joining the NC over here.