Critical alignment yoga

A report by Sara Consuegra, June 2015:

I had never done any yoga in my entire life so I was curious to see if I would like it. There were six Jong TNO’ers who showed up for this after-work yoga session. They were just as curious as I was.

Anne Marie, our yoga instructor, acquainted us with critical alignment yoga. This kind of yoga is pretty technical and is focuses on releasing tension in your deep muscles. This helps against the strain you get from working behind your desk every day. We started out with some exercises to release the tension in our back and shoulders. We laid uncomfortably on foam strips, which meant it was working! Then we moved on to work on our hip region and we closed off with some relaxation techniques.

I was impressed with how much I liked it. I was pleasantly surprised that this yoga class was very suitable for beginners like me, and that it was also fun for people who already had experience with yoga. The class was a good reminder to all of us to work on our body posture when we’re working at our desks. I also liked that is wasn’t too dreamy, something I had prejudicially expected from yoga but was not at all the case.

When the yoga session was over,  three of us headed into the Hague for dinner and drinks! So apart from having learned a bit about yoga, we also got to know a bit more about our colleagues.

I am definitely going back to the next yoga sessions in September and I think these low-key after-work yoga sessions fit very good in the Unwind Your Mind Program. These yoga sessions are just physically challenging enough to know you’re getting a workout and they’re very effective in clearing your mind.

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