Event Report Life Management Workshop

A report by Silja Eckartz, June 2015:

Another workshop in our successful series of unwind your mind activities. This time we worked together with CiEP consultants who tailored their program to our wishes so we could offer an interesting workshop to our members on a topic relevant to most of the young people: How to manage your life.

In order to reduce the hurdle and avoid any unnecessary travel-related stress the workshop was organized three times at three different location (Delft, Den Haag and Utrecht). Taking the feedback of our members serious we made sure that this time all three workshops were hold in English (yes, we are listening to your feedback!) and that the participants received some more practical guidelines on “how to manage their life’s”. I myself joined the workshop in Delft and will refer in the rest of this text to the experience I had during that session.

Already a week in advance I received an email from Wim one of the coaches from CiEP with a link for an online test to determine “my colors”. While I heard more and more of my colleagues who already took the test talking about their colors (looks like most of them were yellow), one evening I finally took the time to do the test myself. To be honest reading through all these questions, indicating what I found important, was quite a tiresome process. Some questions looked very much the same, but I know this is needed to get some scientific relevant results. After answering many questions I finally received my colors which show my personal value profile. Yes, yellow was also my highest rated color. Already intrigued by a short analysis of my personal profile in the online tool I was now really looking forward to the workshop. And I was not disappointed, except that the “dinner” felt more like a second lunch (fellow active JTNOers, lets order Pizza next time instead of broodjes J) I could not find anything to complain about this evening. Wim, our coach, shared many valuable information about our personal profiles and pointed out that it was not strange at all that most of us had a similar profile including yellow (synergie) green (community) and orange (success). Listening to Wim’s explanation it became clear that this was a great value profile for TNO researchers. With the help of several small team-exercises we discovered how our value preferences influence our behavior in diverse work situations and how we can “make use” of this knowledge.

Next to value profiles we also got to know our own personal big five, the five things that we find important in our life’s right now and that we want to achieve in the future. Listening to the big fives of my colleagues I was amazed to hear their great dreams: starting their own business, searching for new challenges abroad or big travel plans, everyone had many diverse goals to reach in their life’s. But how do you get there? How do you find time in your daily life to actually reach these big five? Luckily Wim’s last part of the workshop gave us advice on this big question by explaining us some basic tips and tricks of time management.

While I was first a bit hesitant how one single workshop could possibly “give answers”  to such a big topic as life management, I was finally very happy that I attended the workshop and took the time to think about the topic. Knowing what your priorities are and how to use time management and your own personal values to get their gave me some inspiring insights that I already thought about more often in the last weeks and definitely will do so in the future.

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