Event Report Color Run Amsterdam

A report by Elizabeth Vela-Esparza, June 2015:

This was my first ever running event experience and I consider it was the best to start with! It took place in Amsterdam and ten people joined form Jong TNO. We got there in the morning but we actually didn’t start running until past midday.

Since we got to the location , there was music and a lot of volunteers setting the positive vibe for te event. As we crossed the starting point, I noticed that most of the people were not running for the sake of getting to the end line, most of them were running in order to be colored, and this happened when you got to the “color areas” where the volunteers would throw handfuls of color. They were located every kilometer, so there were in essence five different colors you could accumulate on your way along the course. Pink, green, purple, orange and yellow… and some of them with glitter!

This event is all about the fun and enjoying the colorful run. People of all different ages, sizes and fitness levels attended to make the most of the experience. After the crossing the end line, there was a food area where the AC sponsored some drinks and we continued being “sporty” in front of the big stage that was playing dancing music.

The weather was warm and sunny, perfect for a colorful run and a big color party. On stage, a couple of organizers did a countdown every twenty minutes to throw color on the air, like a huge explosion of color falling into you! Great photo opportunities!

Yes, I ended up being a colorful mess. Yes, I had to wash my hair twice a day during three days in a row to stop seeing color in the shampoo foam. Yes, the color is never going to come out of my running shoes. And yes, it is totally worth it! SO MUCH FUN! 🙂

I’m definitely looking forward to our next running event. It’ll be the 8 km Dam to Dam loop in Amsterdam. Sign up soon, there’re limited spots!

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