Beach Party

A report by Julius Berens, July 2015

I’ve been in TNO for only three months now, but already it was mentioned to me that the beach party was THE summer JTNO event to join. Legendary stories go around in several departments, on the wild parties of the past.

The weather could not have been any better for a beach party last July 3rd. In the middle of probably the only heatwave of the year in The Netherlands, we had sun, a nice summer breeze and of course, good company! People from many different departments decided to join

At around 18h the first people arrived at Boonoonoonoos beach club in Scheveningen. Slowly the crowd was gaining size and at around dinner time there were around 60 people. Even though most people arrived straight from the office, the first swimming crews had already enjoyed the pretty cold Dutch sea water at this time.

At around eight o’clock dinner was served, and although the barbecue was actually missing from the view on the beach, the vibe was really chill and cozy. After dinner some people picked up a volleyball for some after dinner exercise. Others decided the fake fireplace on the tables were good enough for a campfire sing-along.

After this we all felt in the mood to kick off the party, which lasted until around 01h. At this point at least half of the original group was still going strong and some of us actually had a nice after-party in The Hague.

My first JTNO beach party was a great success. I got to meet many new people from different offices all over The Netherlands and had a blast at the party. It’s good to find that my colleagues aren’t only passionate about their work, but also about having a good time every once and a while! I would advise everyone to join next year’s party!

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